Rafallo Percalin Corporation is a fast-growing Company with over 16 years on Business. Throughout the years, RPC developed its expertise in Building Management System / Building Automation System and Building Auxiliary including CCTV, FDAS, PA&GBM, and others.


Rafallo Percalin Corporation established in July 15, 2003. The name Rafallo derives from Father’s Middle Name of Incorporators while Percalin derives from Mother’s Maiden Middle Name of Incorporators.


  • To provide our customers high-quality technology solutions and services that create cost-efficient and improve occupant comfort.
  • To maintain high service levels by providing our employees a continual training so that they remain motivated and updated with the developments in technology.
  • Our team can be having excellence in product & installation and after-sales support. 


To be the leading provider of high-quality and cost-effective technology solutions in Building Automation System & Building Auxiliaries not only in Metro Manila but also in whole Philippines.

We have made difference in terms of energy consumption, maintaining protection in safety and security which make occupant comfortable.

Values / Core Values:

  • Team Management: We don’t work as one individual; we work as a TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Customers: Customer’s satisfactions are important; Customers are the reason we are in business, so our future depends on how well we serve our customers/clients.
  • Technology: Technology and innovation drives our business. We continually update and improve our technical through skills enhancement and knowledge about technology development.
  • Integrity: Building relationships with our employees as well as our business partners through honesty, respect, ethics & trust.


  • 2003 – Sales and Trading of Instrumentation and Industrial Sensors
  • 2005 – PLC & SCADA for Industrial Automation
  • 2009 – Started Building Management System Design and Integration
  • 2010 – Industrial Compressor
  • 2011 – BMS in Delta Controls & OEM in Vapor Heat Treatment (Process and Automation)
  • 2014 – Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • 2016 – CCTV and Access Control System
  • 2017 – Development Stage for Structured Cabling, Audio Visual & CATV
  • 2018-2019 – Established Arjay Tradelines, Inc. Arjay handle Instrumentation, Industrial Sensors & Industrial Compressor.
  • RPC focuses in Building Management System (Delta Controls) & Electronics Building Auxiliaries